Digital Shift Book

Digital handover records, checklists, audit protocols and much more

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Central Dashboard

Plant status und shift events at a glance

Email reports

Notification via Email


Form-based input fields


Plant- and system informations


SPS/PLS interface

Windows API

Windows interface

Personal tasks

Planning of personal tasks

Plant efficiency

Review of the Plant efficiency

Plant status

Information about the plant status

Report creation

Drawing up plant reports

Shift handover

Efficient, assisted handovers

Shift notes

Documentation of shift events


Signature Management


Integrated task management


Digital documentation of plant tours

Rights management

Central user and group management

Plant Historian SB - Shift Book

Digital Collection and Documentation of Shift Events - also as Web Version available


The MES software Plant Historian SB - Shift Book - does not only record shift information in an audit-proof and complete manner along the entire production chain, but also supports paperless working in all areas of production, maintenance or in the warehouse area:

  • Digital checklists
  • Shift handover protocols
  • Recording of incidents (fault message recording) or downtimes/reasons
  • Quality data
  • Manual values
    and much more

As a result, the time required for recording, reporting and research will be reduced, process quality will increase, machine utilization will be optimized and error costs will be reduced.

digital - complete - time saving


  • Improved overview and handling
  • Reduced acquisition, research and reporting effort
  • Increase in quality
  • Statistical evaluation by classifying error sources and recording proposed solutions
  • Using a multilingual, company-wide uniform acquisition platform saves IT costs
  • Simple handling (recording of text modules, spell checking)

Core Features

  • Documentation and collecting of shift information and events
  • Individual generation of shift schedules
  • Automatic recording of standby operations or incidents
  • Manual shift book entry option
  • Shift books for all locations in one system
  • Hierarchic reporting function
  • Support for effective local or general reporting
  • Secure electronic filing/compliance
  • All changes, including time stamp and operator, are saved in an audit-proof way
  • Guaranteed traceability of the shift history and shift changes


  • Independence of platform and operating system
  • Possibility of data acquisition onsite in the plant, even without any network connection, but with subsequent synchronization
  • No installation of the application necessary, automatic updates when starting the application

Display of operational documents such as shift/handover logs, digital checklists or plant books on mobile devices

Error message recording, recording of unplanned downtimes and/or reasons for downtimes, etc.

Best Practice / Customer Projects

Shift Book - Integration for SIMATIC PCS7 in one of the largest Sewage Treatment Plants in the German-speaking Region

For operators, the flexible Shift Book solution of iMes Solutions provides quick and easy information on any kind of incident in the plant - thus being able to delegate tasks and track events.

Plant operators, shift supervisors and plant managers can quickly obtain an up-to-date overview of the status of the entire plant both on the SIMATIC PCS 7 OS Client and on the computer in the office.

There are different ways to access  the shift book:

  • via a button in the WinCC button bar
  • via the faceplate of the unit
  • via the shift book symbol in the WinCC

The iMes shift book is designed to optimise and simplify processes and also takes into account regulatory requirements. Digital checklists, error message recording as well as maintenance tasks etc. are covered. Improved communication, fewer misunderstandings and less paper consumption are further advantages.

iMes Solutions' Shift Book solution is also available as a PCS7 Add-On in the Siemens Industry Mall.

Trial access shift book

Request your free trial access for the shift book web application Plant Historian SB now without any obligation and convince yourself of the scope of services and functions:

Please add 7 and 7.

Plant Historian SB – Shift Book

Digital and efficient recording and documentation of shift events:

  • Impoved overview and handling
  • Reduced effort for data entry, research and reporting
  • Increase in quality
  • Statistical evaluations through classification of error sources and recording of
    proposed solutions
  • Use of a multilingual, company-wide uniform data acquisition platform saves IT costs
  • Simple operation (entry of text modules, spell checking)

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